The Western Wall has been the holiest site in Judaism for generations. It was built as part of the glory of the Second Temple and was the defensive wall that encircled the Temple Mount from the west.

The mountain is also mentioned in the Torah as Mount Moriah, where Abraham came to sacrifice Isaac, and where Jacob dreamed his « Jacob’s Ladder » dream, and later, where the First and Second Temple were built.

The Western Wall, above all, is filled with an atmosphere that cannot be described in words, a meeting between man and himself and between man and his Creator.

It creates a sense of deep longing for the Jerusalem of old, the days of pilgrimage, the unity of the people and the joy of the holidays. It is undoubtedly the greatest symbol we have today of the revival of the Jewish people, and this is the reason why so many go up to Jerusalem to perform ceremonies and celebrations.

Your child reaching the age of bar mitzvah is one of the most defining moments in Jewish life, a child arriving at the point of maturity where they are responsible for themselves.

Every week you can see many families from all corners of the country and the world gathered at the Western Wall Plaza to celebrate in the atmosphere of joy and holiness of such a special place.

In recent years, a significant number of girls, when they reach the age of bat mitzvah, choose to have a ceremony at the Western Wall – the ceremony is more symbolic and can be enriched with guided tours of the Western Wall tunnels or the walls, or with onsite guidance by the young lady celebrating her special day.

For the boys, a little more is involved – they actually choose to ascend to the Torah.

Ascent to the Torah is held on Mondays, Thursdays and on Rosh Chodesh.

The young man’s ascent to the Torah symbolizes the great sense of responsibility placed on his shoulders at this stage, as he accepts the yoke of the commandments.

The ceremony lasts about 45 minutes. It can be combined with other content and in-depth visits of the Holy City, ending with a shared lunch for the family and their guests at one of the city’s best restaurants. (Of your choice, of course).

It is recommended to plan everything carefully and in advance …

The most popular option available to the celebratory family is:

Bus – Spacious and air-conditioned bus that will collect the guests and return them at the end of the day. (You can arrange a collection point or several stops on a prearranged route).

Morning plan – Light breakfast upon your arrival to Jerusalem – a rich and colorful buffet will welcome your guests and fill their stomachs before the big day. This should preferably take place close to the Old City to avoid traffic jams later.

Close to the Western Wall, join the celebratory drumming circle and create a musical procession to raise morale and to make a joyful and impressive entrance.

Guide – who will accompany the whole ceremony of ascent to the Torah from beginning to end. (It is also possible to include a lyricist).

Lunch – At the end of the ceremony, the bus will take all the celebrants to a restaurant that we will plan in advance.

Return by bus to the meeting point from the morning and drop off the celebrants.

For the whole of this amazing day, you will be accompanied by a professional escort on behalf of the production and photography team (video and stills) who will leave you with a meaningful reminder of this joyful day 🙂 

As mentioned, it’s possible to add into the above schedule guided tours of the Western Wall tunnels, tours of the walls, guidance by the bar mitzvah boy / bat mitzvah girl, ceremonies and the distribution of various souvenirs …

We are here to listen, understand your needs, offer a variety of options and finally to put together for you the perfect day according to your requests.

Every family has its own expectations, budget and way of celebrating. We will do everything we can so that on the day you can just enter into the excitement and enjoy yourself – we are here to make your wish come true.

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