Bar Mitzvah

Progress and modernization have brought us to a new dimension of events. Today, people are looking for something new in every aspect of events production so the occasion will stand out in everyone’s memories as unique and well-orchestrated. So, we sat down and put together a great number of event concepts that will leave you with a taste for more:☺

Horseback riding

Horseback riding Day – a fun day in the wild with professional instructors, there are a variety of special places to discover by riding that

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הפקת חתונות קטנות

Group photo album

A professional photographer accompanies the bar mitzvah boy / bat mitzvah girl and their closest friends for a day of scenic photography amidst nature. The

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הפקת בת מצווה בבית

Movie party

Life is a movie – “private cinema” with a film screening marathon chosen by the bar mitzvah boy / bat mitzvah girl and their friends.

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